Saturday, September 1, 2012

The end

We have finally gotten all of Mom's things moved from her home.  It has been cleaned and Kurt made sure the lawn has been mowed all summer long.  We put it up for sale about a month and half ago.  After about a week or so we received a bid.  The lady calling asked if I minded a realtor handling it.  Dumb me said No.  Little did I know what a nightmare it would turn out to be.  After about 5 1/2 weeks we finally closed a week ago last Friday.  I can't believe how much longer it took to close with a realtor.  Other wise we would have just gone down to the DMV and exchanged money and a receipt and signed the title and it would have been completed but those realtors have to have a ton of paper work and so many demands.

Oh well it's over now.  We took some things to DI and some went to our children and then the rest came to our house.  Most of these things I couldn't make a decision on what to do with them and felt I needed a bit more time to decide.  So that is still ahead to be done but other than that it is all accomplished.  The lawyer has completed what he was doing and now this is all completed. 

It has been a long 8 months.  Filled with tons of emotion, sadness, tears and work.  But now I have to find a new way to go on with my life.  I find myself wondering what should I do first.  It's like I have been in a tunnel and have come out into the light.  Now the big job begins.

I have physical therapy and hopefully that will help me become more able to move better and without so much pain.

I need to thank my Heavenly Father for His help with the past months.  For my husband and all of the work and care he has given to me.  To our daughters and their help.  Thank you for it all.  I love you all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

After listening to several programs devoted to this day.  I feel so full of my gratitude towards the many men and women that give of themselves even to losing of their lives to protect us here in America.

They recited a story of one young man that went into the military and right into a war, this was back in Vietnam  and after nearly being killed several times it was his time to come back home.  He arrived at the airport and had just gotten off a plan and some woman walked up to him and spit in his face and called him a baby killer.  Then it went on to tell about his life since.  He has been in two marriages and is living on the streets.  What did he do wrong except defend his/our country in war.

I  can't help but wonder if that woman that spit in his face stopped to think about  this war coming into the USA.  I'm sure she felt is couldn't possibly happen - well guess again lady.  We are seeing parts of it right here now with the drugs and guns and gangs.  This is very close to what is happening in these other countries.  Evil people are striving to get more power over the people and especially those unable to defend themselves.

The wars in other countries that our soldiers are helping out by fighting the wars are no more than these evil individuals wanting to bring this evil to us RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLD USA.  We are not immured to these things.

But I digress - the main reason for this blog is to say THANK YOU TO OUR SOLDERS  to let them know I appreciate the  sacrifices they have made.  I thank their families for their sacrifices also either through them being gone from home for such long times and even for the fact that many of them will not return home.;  I pray that God will bless and protect these men and women and their families.  For I've been in many of these countries and I can say, the American soil sure felt good to step back on.  We have so much to be thankful for - stop and say thank you and be grateful for all that we have whether it be great or small.  We have so much more than so many.  THANK YOU.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


 - Thanksgiving - two weeks and two days ago my Mom passed away.  We knew it was coming as she was almost 95 years old, and would have been on the 22nd of this month.  But it was still rather quick.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of our children but one and their families and then Christmas was just as great.  Everything was going along so well then out of the blue we all picked up this dumb stomach flu.  it was such a nasty bug that Glen and I were really ill from it.  Well, it seems so was my Mom.  Then she ended up in the hospital two days later.  She had a trust in place with a DNR attached.  We didn't want Mom to be miserable so decided to keep her in the hospital.  They didn't do anything for Mom except keep her comfortable.  This gave her family a chance to say goodby to her.  The ones near were able to come and spend some time visiting  while the others called and did all they could do from a distance.  I know their struggle was the worst.  My niece had just moved to Arkansas and this was so difficult for her as she was missing her immediate family so much and then to have her grandmother so ill.  When we learned her time was so close all of our girls and their families started to make plans  for coming home.  Our Daughter and her two children were able to drive up from AZ and were here on December 31st.  That was most comforting to have them around, supporting,  commiserating, hugging and sharing a few tears.

I know Mom is much happier now as she was having so many problems and hated the fact that someone else had to do most things for her as she had always been such a independent lady.  There seemed few things she couldn't or at least wouldn't attempt to fix.  Her home was always so nice and clean and she was a great cook.  But at the end, she was unable to do most of these things by herself.  We were blessed to have some very wonderful people coming in that helped her out.  She didn't want to go to an assisted living place but desired to stay in her own home, so this is how it all came to pass.

I am glad her burdens have been lifted from her frail body and that she now can be free of the constraints that have so long frustrated her.  Now she is able to be with her family, parents, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that have all gone before her.  But there is a great whole in my life.  I feel like my reason for doing things has gone away.  Now that may sound so dramatic but the last few years, my sweet husband and myself have had the  opportunity and sometimes burden of taking care of my Mom.  When there were any problems or appointments that needed to be accomplished we were the ones that provided the support.  We had also taken her with us on many trips, not the last while but before.  She enjoyed going on these outings because we usually went to visit with one of our children and their families so that gave her the chance to enjoy them too.  I find every once in a while I reach to call Mom to tell her something that has happened or to just visit to see how she is doing.  I have so closed in my arena of friends that my husband and my Mom were my closest friends and companions.  To have 1/2 of that group gone is very difficult.

To my Mom, I say, I am glad  you are happy and at peace.  You have earned your eternal time with your loved ones.  Until we meet again.  I love you.  Your loving daughter, Pat.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving - has come and gone so quickly.  It seemed like a whirlwind this year.  Our daughter Kristie and her hubby Jared and their children just moved into a new home.  It is lovely and they had extra room so we had Thanksgiving dinner at their home..  It was so nice, plenty of room and the food was delicious.  Our daughters arranged the menu between them and it all turned out very nice, in fact we had so much food after we ate, one had to wonder if anyone had eaten very much. 

At first I was feeling a little lost because I have pretty much done the dinner myself and all I did this year was pies, cranberries and candied yams.  But to see our daughters working together to accomplish this was so wonderful and helped me to see how things can and should change as we grow older. 

My Mom is 94 years young and she was able to be there.  She is having a few problems getting around but Nan and Steph jumped in and helped her every time she needed to move from one place to another.  Gene, Sue and Nik also helped out so much, they ran up to pick her up  and bring her down to Kristie's place.  Glen and Nik took her home and helped her with her evening preparations.  Others helped her if she even looked like she needed something.  All and all she had a delightful day and was very tired by evening but the glow was still there several days after.  So thank  you all for your help and love shown.

We had the opportunity to go down to see our Salt Lake Grizzlies hockey team in action.  Jared arranged that for all of us which was so nice of him to do.  There were 19 of us.  After the game they had an "open" skate and most of the kids were able to go down and try their luck on the ice.  It was fun to watch them all trying so hard to stand up.  There were a couple that were able to do more than that but fun was had by all of them.  After they closed the skating down, Jared brought his young son out on his ice skates and invited all of us out there without our skates and we watch some of our group playing on the ice together.  We all had such a fun time and were nice and tired at the end of the night.

When it was time for Sue, Gene and their family to go home we were so sad because they had come such a long way and we didn't want them to leave.  We so enjoyed having them.  Nan, Russ and their family didn't leave until Sunday so we had a little more time with them, which was nice.  With our family so scattered so far away it is difficult to get together but I really appreciate their efforts to bring their families and the food they prepared and everything else to be with us.  I know it was a great effort and expense but thank you.

Now to the reason for Thanksgiving - to give thanks for all that we have been given and for our fore fathers and their sacrifices to come to America.  I am so grateful for the many, many blessings we have been given,  first being our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.  The joys that come from seeing each and everyone of them as they grow and become what they desire and to make their lives so special.  Each has their own view of what is needed and it's wonderful to see these things mature.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I love our children, their husbands and grandchildren so much.  Each has a special place in my heart, life would not be the same without each of them.  Thank you Father for each of them they are truly a blessing in our lives and family.

I so enjoyed having all but our one daughter home for the holidays.  We missed her and wished she could have been with us.  Our grandchildren are growing up so much and we had a lovely surprise announced we have another grandchild coming into this world next year. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Life is so simple when you are a child. You cry when you are hurt or upset and you laugh when you are happy. But at times things get in the way of a child's simple life.

A child is a gift to us all, he or she brings a touch of the Lord into our homes and lives. The sweetness they have, their willingness to smile, to run, to giggle, to sing, to talk, the innocence they bring into our lives. What joy it is to see and watch a child as they innocently go on their way learning. The question is what are we teaching them? Is it good? Does it help them as they grow up into their teen and adult years?

I have watched our young grandchildren as they are growing up and what a joy it is to talk to them and see their joy. They jump, they giggle, they run and they chatter, and tell what is going on in their lives.

They are beautiful and sweet. Yes, they have their moments just like we do that perhaps they are not as fun to be around but the fun ones far out weigh the difficult ones.

Thank you Lord for these beautiful and sweet children you have sent to our family. Some of them have grown up and into or close to adulthood but they still have that sweet innocence that is such a joy to see and be around. I am so grateful for our grandchildren and our children that are raising them. How did I ever get so blessed?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 - 10 Years later

I waited to post this until now as for some reason I was so caught up in the feelings I had at that time. Other years have come and gone and yes I have felt sad but not this overwhelming sadness and hopelessness. I have worked through these feelings and realize I really haven't allowed myself to think through this tragedy since it happened. It seemed I did so much thinking, wondering, asking my self how could someone hate so much that they wanted to kill so many innocent people.

They say it's an act of war but how can that be if you are focusing on people who are not able to defend themselves. Who are not fighters like these individuals, who have not been trained.

I give respect to other religions and faiths even though they are much different than I believe but to have a "faith" or "religion" that encourages people to hate, to kill, to "get even" for past offenses is beyond my understanding or willingness to accept.

Yes, I admit it I am a peace loving individual. I want others to find a way to work things out, no matter the problem. I am not saying that is an easy statement to follow through on but feel it is worth the effort.

No I am not a "Pollyanna" type of person that sees everyone and everything in a sunny, happy light. Many times I wished I did and at times I thought I was very cynical individual but when this ugly, tragic, act of violence occurred it caused me to realize I really do expect the best in others and when they don't always act the way I would want I usually am able to understand that yes, we are human and have frailties or that we all make mistakes. But this was not just a mistake it was planned act of only one thing - Satan's plan to destroy mankind. The evil that was felt at that time could only have a basis from Satan's plan. When we come to this earth we aren't evil or desire evil things but what we are taught or the company we choose to keep many times allows these ideas to germinate in our souls.

I love this country for the freedoms we enjoy, for the reason to get up each day, for the ability to speak our thoughts, for not having to use a "passport" to travel from one city to another. For the rights we enjoy and that so many others want but do not want to give what this freedoms costs. They want it for free. But that is another blog.

To those that think and believe as the individuals did who perpetrated these unthinkable acts, you are cowards, you complain about somethings that you feel you have been put upon by and feel your only recourse is to kill - I say "you are a sorry bunch of humanity". I believe God - both yours and mine looks down and is saddened. The God I know preaches love and kindness and understanding wanting us to emulate the very best He has shown to us. I pray each day for peace among all of us who are so different from one another. I pray for understanding to why these things happen. I give thanks for the men and women who take on the job of protecting our freedoms in this country - and sometimes even giving up their lives for it. I thank the families of those who have given their everything. For the great job they did raising their children and teaching them such moral standards. I know your pain is great but please take my sincere and loving prayers to heart and know many of us weep with you and pray for you.

Thank you God for this country and the people that are striving to make it a better place. Thank you God for bringing peace to my broken heart from the terrible things this Nation witnessed 10 years ago.

Monday, July 11, 2011


The 4th of July has passed and the fireworks have been shot off and we all survived. I was thinking what we celebrate the 4th for. I am extremely grateful for those men and women that have made our freedom a priority and have fought and even given their lives so we might have celebrations here at home and shoot off fireworks and watch parades etc.

What do I sacrifice for this freedom? Perhaps it's the fact that I weep for those loved ones that have been left behind and ache for their sacrifices and those that do come home but are maimed in some way. I pray for you all and support our troops and their families. Thank you men and women for all you give and have given on my behalf. I honor all of you!